Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sorry about the prolonged absence . . .

Life has been crazy busy, mostly with non-alpaca related things.

The alpacas are good, and Fenway is getting big!  He is about 42 lbs now and almost ready for weaning in January.

I'll try to be better with posts in the new year!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall everyone! 

It looks fall here with the leaves turning and falling off, but it has been in the 80s this week, which is weird for MN.  It is supposed to cool off next weekend I guess.

Just an FYI:  currently in both our Etsy and ArtFire shops we are having a fall sale.  Use coupon code FALL10 (in either shop) for 10% off your order!

Happy shopping!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What an accomplishment!

Hi everyone!

Guess what?  I finally have all our alpaca fiber from the last 3 years washed!  I washed up the last of Bella's first fleece last night and it is currently drying upstairs in our bathroom.

It feels really good to get everything washed, cleaned, and organized - at least fiber-wise!

Now that all the fleece is washed, maybe that will motivate me to make some fiber batts for our shops . . . we'll see!

Monday, September 5, 2011

New items!

New items have been listed in our Etsy shop today!

We are now offering carded batts of 100% alpaca fiber.

First two colorways:

Zebra & Tiger



Zebra is composed of natural black and natural white alpaca fiber.

Tiger is composed of natural black alpaca and hand-dyed orange alpaca fiber.  The orange color comes from orange Kool-aid.

More batts to follow in the coming weeks!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goodness! It's a boy!

Hi everyone!

We hope everyone has had a great start to September!  We have!

Bosox finally had her cria on Friday!  A blue-eyed white male that we are naming Fenway.

Only hours old!

Pesky flies won't leave him alone!

He is so darn cute!  We've been out to see him the last couple days, and he only gets cuter!

We are really in love with his fiber!  It is very crimpy and curly.  We can't wait to see how it grows this winter!

Bosox is a really good mom.  She liked to spit at Brian the first few hours, but she has since limited her spitting to only special occasions (like when we try to pick him up after his nap).

Bosox & Fenway (only a couple hours old)
Fenway with the herd later that first afternoon.

We'll keep you posted on how he's doing.  We'll get some more blog posts coming soon as well.  This time I promise for real!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where has the summer gone?

Hi everyone! 

It has been awhile since I have posted . . . been busy.

We've been washing, carding, and dyeing more fiber.  I've also spent a lot of time at my 9 to 5 job  . . . well I work in health care so a lot of times it is a 24/7/365 job!

I hope to get back to posting more regularly soon . . . or at least on the weekend!

Thanks for hanging in there!

Oh and our alpaca Bosox is due next week!  Hopefully we'll have some cute cria pictures soon!

Later gaters!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sneak peak for fall . . .

So I thought I'd offer our readers a sneak peak at an item that will be in our Etsy shop later this fall.

We are going to be offering a unique set of items that will be knitted by my mom, Robin.

It is a baby cable hooded hat and a matching set of baby cable mittens.  They are knitted by hand out of 100% alpaca yarn.  These will be a limited run (if popular enough, more will be stocked for early in 2012 and late 2012 as well) of around a dozen of them.  The hats will fit most babies from 3-12 months, with a few fitting newborns to 3 months or so (depending on how big baby's head is).  There will be some gender neutral color offerings, as well as more girlish or boyish color combinations.

The cable hooded hat is a unique design.  It is both a hat and a scarf, and it doesn't need to be tied on in order for it to stay on!  Since the hooded hat is made out of alpaca, it will be super warm and cozy!

They will make their appearance in our Etsy shop hopefully in September, and they will retail for $50 for the set.

What have we been up to?

Hi everyone!  It has been awhile since we've posted, but rest assured we've been busy busy busy!

Besides the day to day activities, work, mowing the lawn, laundry, dishes, more work, etc, we've been learning more about fiber and trying some new things. 

First up:  bunnies!  Well, to be more specific, Angora Rabbits.  No, we haven't purchased any (tempting as it may be), but we have purchased some angora fiber from Running Bug Farm.  We plan to spin some, and also add the fiber to our alpaca fiber to make alpaca/angora blend fiber batts and roving.  It is super soft and very light and fluffy.
Angora fiber

Next:  carding.  Brian has been hard at work carding fiber.  I have gotten all of Bosox and Bella's fiber washed, and now it is time to card.  Brian is making very nice batts for me to use for felting our soap.
Rolled fiber batt

So what have I been up to?

Spinning and dyeing!  Yay!

I have learned how to spin yarn using a top whorl spindle.  (I really want a spinning wheel, but that will have to wait.)  I have spun one skein of yarn out of some alpaca combed top I got from Upstream Alpacas.  Her fiber is wonderful, and her colorways are really pretty!  It turned out to be way thicker than I had envisioned in my mind, but I think it is pretty neat!  It ended up being a Super Bulky (3 wpi!) 2-ply yarn.  I only got 23 yards out of 4 oz, but that is okay. 
Colorway is Neapolitan
Super bulky!

It is my first skein, and I'm pretty proud of it.  I am working on a second skein of yarn from roving I purchased from Parsons' Prairie Farm.  I prepped the roving better than the first time, so it is spinning up to be thinner.  I think it will probably end up as a 2-ply yarn somewhere between worsted and bulky weight.
2nd skein with top whorl spindle

Today I've dyed my first batch of fiber!  We are starting to dye fiber using Kool-aid and food coloring.  Both are food safe dyes, and don't need harsh chemicals to help the dye set.  Just some acid in the form of vinegar.  Today I've been using kool-aid. 
Yay for Kool-Aid!

Fiber weighed and ready to go

I've purchased some white alpaca roving from Spin This, and that is what I'll be using to start experimenting with the colors and dyeing process.  I know it seems weird to purchase alpaca fiber when we have our own herd, but our alpacas are brown, not white.  I like white fiber for dyeing.
In the pot

In the pot

YouTube is a great reference for spinning and dyeing and a whole lot of other stuff!

All done!  Dyed Alpaca: Lemon-Lime, Berry Blue, Orange, Grape, Pink Lemonade

All done!  Dyed Angora: Pink Lemonade and Grape

So that is what we have been up to in the past couple weeks!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Skirting, Washing & Felting

We have spent a lot of time the past two weekends doing those three things!

We managed to skirt both Bella's fleece and Bosox's fleece last Saturday morning before the humidity got the best of us.  Skirting the fleece removes second cuts, some of the dirt and VM (vegetable matter) from the fleece.

Bella's prime blanket fibers have been washed, and the last batch is currently drying.


Drying (this was some second cuts from last year's shearing)

Someday I'll post on how I wash their fiber, but not today.  :)

We are planning on carding Bella's blanket fiber from the past two years, and turning it into roving.  That will hopefully be a project for later in July.

Next up for washing is Bosox's blanket and second cuts.  Hopefully I'll start on those in the next day or so.  Bosox is an older production female, so her fiber isn't as nice as it used to be, but it is great for felting.  Most of our felted soap is felted with her fiber.  She is a rose grey, so the fiber is a nice heathered brown.

That brings us to felting!  I've been felting soap this weekend as well.  After felting enough stock for our shops, I took a break felting our artisan soap.  This weekend I decided that if it was going to be a fiber-centric weekend, I might as well felt.  I've felted 12 bars already with 2 more to go this afternoon.  I recently got a neat mat to use to felt with, and it is way easier to wet felt with it than bubble wrap.

Someday I'll also post on how I felt our soap, but not today!  :)

We still have Lars' fiber to skirt from this year, and we have four blankets of fiber upstairs in the closet as well.  Those have already been skirted, but it was a couple years ago, so they will probably be re-skirted before they are washed.  (We are better at skirting than we used to be!)

Lars' fiber is his cria fleece, so we'll probably use it for felting just because it is going to be a lot of work to get it clean.  The other four fleeces are Bella's from three years ago, a rose grey & a silver grey fleece we purchased last year, and a white fleece that we purchased last year.  All will be turned into roving, and we hopefully will experiment with dyeing fiber with the white fleece.

We have a lot of plans for our fiber, but I will be happy if I can get all of it washed this year, and all of my soap felted!

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Genetics and Cost Reduction

Hi all!

We hope your summer has started out grand!  We've had rain, then scorching 100 degree days, then cold (60s) and more rain.  I mean, we are in Minnesota, but this is still pretty crazy weather even for us!

This weekend we had the opportunity to attend an alpaca breeder's seminar in Tomah, WI hosted by Kinney Valley Alpacas, Bluff Breeze Farm Alpacas Inc, and Breakstone Ridge Alpacas.

It was a very interesting seminar, and it was fun to visit and socialize with the other farms that attended. 

Dr. Wayne Jarvis of Sixth Day Farm presented an interesting talk on alpaca genetics, and how we can use our knowledge in alpaca genetics to select for various traits in our herds.

Justin Radloff of Kinney Valley Alpacas spoke about how to increase our farm profits by lowering our costs and making our farms run more efficiently.

Overall it was a very well put together seminar, and well worth the seminar fee.  Plus, we got to visit Kinney Valley Alpacas in June (it is usually early November before we have a chance to get out there), stayed in a hotel, and had a mini weekend get away.

Hopefully if the weather isn't too rainy this week, I'll get to skirt some fleeces!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Soap Artisan: Prunella Soap

Happy Memorial Day!  Let the summer begin!

Today is the last of our three soap artisan features.  Today we are featuring Janell from Prunella Soap.

Janell lives in Portland, Oregon, and makes wonderful vegan, organic cold process soap that has a natural scent.  I love all of her ingredients and scent combinations.  To me her soap smells exactly like its name.  I love that her soap is organic and vegan.  I love that many of her soaps have bits and pieces of cornmeal, or walnut, or oatmeal, or lavender in them to help exfoliate.  I have tried almost all of the 16 varieties of Prunella soap, and I was not disappointed with any of them.  I definitely have my favorites though!  The scent combinations are very creative, and not at all overwhelming.  The scents also smell very fresh and natural.

On a side note:  Janell also makes these wonderful smaller sticks of soap called Adventure Sticks.  We got a whole bunch of them, and we are taking them with us this summer on our camping trips!  They are just the right size for a shower or handwashing, and they are quite adorable in their packaging.  I would definitely recommend them for use in the great outdoors!

pink grapefruit & oatmeal, spearmint & tea tree, sweet orange & cornmeal, cinnamon & walnut, tea tree & lime

We are currently offering these five varieties of Prunella Soap:  pink grapefruit & oatmeal, spearmint & tea tree, sweet orange & cornmeal, cinnamon & walnut, and tea tree & lime.

Pink Grapefruit & Oatmeal:  This soap has a very nice light grapefruit scent that won't overwhelm you.  It leaves my skin nice and refreshed!

Spearmint & Tea Tree:  This soap has a wonderful minty scent, and it is a great soap to wake up and start your day with.

Sweet Orange & Cornmeal:  This soap contains coarsely ground cornmeal and has a great fresh citrus scent.

Cinnamon & Walnut:  The cinnamon & walnut soap reminds me of baking!  It must be the cinnamon!  This soap contains cinnamon and walnut shell powder.
Brown soap never looked so good!

Tea Tree & Lime:  This is probably my favorite scent of soap that Janell makes.  I can't exactly explain why, but I love the fresh tart lime scent.  It really invigorates me!

We may offer other varieties of Prunella Soap soap as the year goes on, but we love that we are starting out with our absoulte favorites! 

100% alpaca felted soap

The soap from Prunella Soap will be hand felted by Jen & Ole's from fiber from our own alpaca herd.  The color of the fiber is all natural undyed 100% alpaca fiber.  The felted soap is very easy to use in the shower or bath, and adds an added bit of luxury to the bath time experience. 

If you want to know more about about Janell and Prunella soap, please visit her website.

100% alpaca felted soap from Prunella Soap will be available starting this weekend on both Etsy and Artfire.

So there you go!  Three wonderful soap artisans and fifteen great soaps for you to try!  Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soap Artisan: Lippincott Soap Company

It's Sunday!  I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Today we are going to feature another handmade soap artisan:  Angela from Lippincott Soap Company.

The Lippincott Soap Company is a family owned business from Pennsylvania who makes old-fashioned, cold process soap.  Their soaps have a wonderful, yet not overpowering fragrance, and lots of lather and bubbles!  They have some pretty decadent sounding (and smelling!) soaps.  I can sometimes be sensitive to fragrance which is what turned me off of "fancy" scented soaps and handmade soaps for years. Since Brian and I are starting to look towards more natural and organic products and processes for our life, I started looking at handmade soaps again that were made out of the basic ingredients of oil and lye.  We've been using handmade cold process soap since the beginning of the year, and have had a great time discovering new varieties and artisans.  We think that Lippincott Soap Co. fits right in with our plan, and we couldn't resist their decadent offerings like the fruity Bottle of Wine, or the fresh, crisp Fresh Bamboo.  The colors of their soaps are very vibrant as well.  As with the other handmade soaps that we are offering, I love that I can pronounce the ingredients on the label, and my skin loves that there are no harsh chemicals.  The fragrance used by Lippincott Soap Co. won't overwhelm you, but it will leave you with a light fresh scent to start (or end) your day.

Tayberry & Teak, Bottle of Wine, Honey Love, Harvest Moon, Fresh Bamboo

We are currently featuring these five fabulous soaps:  Tayberry & Teak, Bottle of Wine, Honey Love, Harvest Moon, and Fresh Bamboo.

Tayberry & Teak:  This soap has a unique blend of berries, teakwood, and red clover.  It smells lovely and the color is great! 
Although yours will probably be the brown color of our alpaca fiber!

Bottle of Wine:  This soap has the wonderful light scent of White Zinfandel.

Honey Love:  This unique soap smells like a blend of honey and chocolate.  Yum!

Harvest Moon:  I think that this soap has a bit more of a "manly" scent with its notes of fruit, pine, and musk.

Fresh Bamboo:  This is one of my favorites!  I love the fresh crisp scent of the bamboo, the color is great, and there is ground up loofa in it as well!

We have many favorites, and hope to offer more scents later this year including Lime Margarita which is Brian's favorite!  We think you'll enjoy the current scents that are offered, and we hope that they will keep you coming back for more!

To find out more about Angela and Lippincott Soap Company, please visit their website.

100% alpaca felted soap

The soap from Lippincott Soap Co. will be hand felted by Jen & Ole's from fiber from our own alpaca herd.  The color of the fiber is all natural undyed 100% alpaca fiber.  The felted soap is very easy to use in the shower or bath, and adds an added bit of luxury to the bath time experience. 

100% alpaca felted soap from Lippincott Soap Company will be available starting this weekend in both our Etsy and Artfire shops.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soap Artisan: Rocky Top Soap Shop

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today we are going to be featuring one of our handmade soap artisans:  Tony from Rocky Top Soap Shop.

Tony lives in Maine, and makes wonderful, all natural, unscented, cold process soap.  There are many different varieties, even shampoo bars and a shaving bar.  I have tried almost all of the different soaps that Tony makes (including the shampoo and shaving bars), and they are all quite wonderful.  They leave your skin squeeky clean, and they don't dry your skin out either.  What I like best about Tony's soap is that they are unscented.  I can be sensitive to fragrance at times, and I love that there is a soap that I can use everyday on my face and body that isn't harsh in either its ingredients or smell.  I love that the soap is all natural, and I can actually read and pronounce all of the ingredients on the wrapper!
Hemp, Carrot, French Red, Green Tea, Chamomile Oat Straw

We are currently featuring five varieties of soap from Rocky Top Soap Shop:  Hemp, Carrot, French Red, Green Tea, and Chamomile Oat Straw.

Here is a tidbit about each soap.

Hemp:  The Hemp bar has, what else . . . hemp oil in it!  How much fun is it to say that you have a bar of Hemp soap wrapped in alpaca fiber!

Carrot:  Tony adds real organic carrots to his Carrot soap bar.  The Carrot soap bar is part of his mature skin collection.  As someone who's skin is not considered mature yet, I love using this bar on my face.
See you can see the bits of carrot!

French Red:  The French Red bar is made with french red clay.  It is a great soap for normal to oily skin, and I love the terra cotta like color! 
Of course your bar will probably be brown like the top one!

Green Tea:  This bar is made with organic green tea, and contains tons of antioxidants to make your skin feel fresh and new!

Chamomile Oat Straw:  This is one of Tony's most recent offerings.  It contains chamomile infused olive oil and oat straw tea.  This soap makes my skin feel super soft!

We plan on offering other varieties of Rocky Top Soap Shop soap as the year goes on, but we really enjoy the well rounded selection that we are currently offering.

The soap from Rocky Top Soap Shop will be hand felted by Jen & Ole's from fiber from our own alpaca herd.  The color of the fiber is all natural undyed 100% alpaca fiber.  The felted soap is very easy to use in the shower or bath, and adds an added bit of luxury to the bath time experience. 
100% Alpaca Felted Soap

If you want to know more about about Tony and Rocky Top Soap Shop, please read his featured seller article on Etsy.

100% alpaca felted soap from Rocky Top Soap Shop will be available starting this weekend on both Etsy and Artfire.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally the felted soap is here!


We are finally ready to present our alpaca felted soap to the world!

This wonderful Memorial Day Weekend we are going to feature each handmade soap artisan in our blog.  By the end of the weekend all of our felted soap will be available on Etsy and Artfire.

This post is going to let you know more about felted soap, why we wanted to offer it, and why we picked handmade soap.

Felted soap is a wonderful invention!  It is a washcloth and bar soap all in one!  We use our felted soap in the shower instead of a body wash & shower poof or a washcloth & bar soap.  Why would we do that?  Well, using felted soap . . .  it feels like you are on vacation every day in the shower.  It is that extra special luxury feeling . . . like adding bubbles or bath salts to the bath water.

You could also use felted soap as hand soap, however we find that it is best used in the shower or bath.

When using felted soap, you must make sure the bar gets thoroughly wet, and then lather the bar up.  It is best to let the bar dry completely between uses, and to have it drain on a slotted soap tray (which we will also be offering in our shops).

If the bar is able to dry completely between uses, the alpaca fiber shrinks around the soap as the bar goes down.  This way you are able to use every bit of soap!  If you don't dry the bar completely between uses, the soap eventually gets kind of mushy and deformed, and the fiber doesn't shrink as much.  You can still use the bar this way (we do!), and once you let it dry completely, the fiber shrinks back around whatever soap is left.

Once you are out of soap, you can do a variety of things with your leftover alpaca fiber.  For example,

You can:
  • use it as a scrubby in the shower or for cleaning
  • use it as a small change purse
  • fill it with lavender to make a sachet
  • fill it with catnip to make a cat toy
  • fill it with another sliver of leftover soap

The possibilities are endless!

We wanted to offer 100% alpaca felted soap to our customers as another way to promote alpaca fiber.  Felted soap makes great stocking stuffers, and a great gift all year round!  Pair felted soap with some bubble bath or bath salts in a spa gift basket.  Have a loved one that is hard to buy for?  Get them the gift of bath time luxury . . . alpaca felted handmade natural soap.

There are many people who offer felted soap.  Some offer handmade soap, some offer store bought soap.  We have chosen to offer handmade cold process soap.  Cold process soap is made the old-fashioned way using oils and lye.  We have personally used each soap from the three artisans, and we like them all for different reasons.  The soap artisans we chose use natural, organic, and vegan ingredients in their soap making, and offer a natural, well-crafted, long lasting product.  We believe that offering handmade natural soap lives up to our farm philosophy of sustainability.   Handmade soap is a movement back to nature without all the harsh chemicals that commercially made store bought soap offers.  Offering handmade soap also supports fellow artisans and local businesses.

We are pleased to offer three distinct varieties of cold process handmade soap from fellow Etsy artisans:

Rocky Top Soap Shop

Lippincott Soap Co.

Prunella Soap

Stay tuned this weekend for features on each soap artisan!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 It's shearing time!!

Last Thursday our alpacas got a haircut!

Thursday was a very nice day in our neck of the woods, and Brian used his brand new clipper and sheared our three alpacas.  He did a very nice job.  We use a shearing table with ropes to help immobilize the alpacas to keep them safe.  The ropes go around the legs and the alpaca gets stretched out.  One person also holds the alpaca's head.  This way the alpaca can be sheared in a safe manner for both the alpaca and the shearer.  Some people just stretch the alpaca out on the ground, but that is hard on our knees.  We much prefer the table to the ground.

 Brian shearing Lars

Brian shearing Bella

We also clipped toenails and gave the alpacas their annual CD&T shot.

It took about 2 hours to shear the three.  Not too shabby!

Here are the three post haircut.

Here is Brian in action!  I was only able to capture a small bit while he was working on Lars' front legs and neck.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Midwest Select Alpaca Auction

Yesterday Brian & I attended the first annual Midwest Select Alpaca Auction.  It took place in Watertown, WI.  We have never been to an alpaca (or livestock) auction before, although we've both been to estate auctions.  We enjoyed ourselves very much!  The auction was hosted by three Wisconsin alpaca farms:  Kinney Valley Alpacas, LondonDairy Alpacas, and LongView Grange Alpacas, with the auction held on the beautiful estate of LongView Grange Alpacas.  There was even an actual auctioneer!  The fellow and his son normally did cattle auctions.

The alpacas offered were some of the top young alpacas in the midwest.  We had the opportunity to look at many of them and they were stunning!

The alpacas that sold, sold for very reasonable prices, definitely less than they are worth.  We weren't looking to buy any, but are somewhat kicking ourselves for the good deals that we passed up.  Next year we plan on going with a plan and a trailer, and maybe we'll bring home a new alpaca or two!

The hosts were very good, providing drinks and food throughout the event.  We had ample opportunity to look at and get our hands on any alpaca that we wanted to see.  They also had a fun spin-to-win drawing where you could win one of various prizes, including free seminars or $250 off an alpaca purchase that you would make at the auction.  The more alpacas you looked at, the more chances you had to win.  At the end of the auction, the person who spend the most money won two tickets to the Packers/Bears football game.  They also drew three more tickets and those people each won one free breeding to any stud owned by the three host farms.

Guess who won a free breeding?   WE DID!!!!!

We are planning on using our free breeding to breed Bella to Kinney Valley's amazingly dense stud, Vincent Suave.

If you have never been to any auction, I'd highly recommend attending one even if you don't plan on purchasing anything.  They are quite fun!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Hi everyone!

We wanted to give you all an update and let you know that our wonderful handmade items and alpaca fiber are now going to be available on another handmade marketplace site!  We have just joined Artfire as a Pro Member!

Now why would we do that?

Well, we want to grow our business and grow our shop.  One way to do that is to be members of various marketplaces that let us do that.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Etsy.  In fact, I have made quite a few purchases from Etsy myself -- and I mean A LOT of purchases!  I also know that some people like Etsy, some like Artfire.  Just like some people use Facebook & Twitter, and some do not.

For now, all of our items will be available on Etsy, and only our made to order items and items we have multiple stock in will be available on Artfire.  This is because some of our items are one of a kind, and I would hate to sell that item twice!

Please check us out on either or both sites.  Our Artfire site will take a bit to start getting items on it, but please bear with us and check back often!

Thank you so much everyone for all of your continuing support!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shepherd's Harvest

So we attended the Shepherd's Harvest Festival today in Lake Elmo, MN.  It is always neat to go there and see all the different types of fiber and fiber products they have.  We entered Bella's fleece in UMA's (Upper Midwest Alpacas) fleece show, and her fleece took 3rd place.  Not too shabby!

While at Shepherd's Harvest you can see sheep, goats, llamas, and angora rabbits.  Once we have our own farm, we plan on raising goats (for meat versus cashmere or mohair), and we will probably have a guard llama.  We are kind of now hooked on the angora rabbit!  Angora is very soft and warm, and would also blend lovely with alpaca fiber.

The coolest part . . . you can spin right off the rabbit!

Here's a YouTube video that we found that was taken at Shepherd's Harvest in 2009.  We also saw a gal spin from her rabbit today when we were there.

The only thing is . . . we have two cats . . . not sure how much they'd like the rabbits!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Better Weather!

Hi Everyone!

The weather has gotten warmer!  Spring is actually here!  It has been intermittent rain showers today .  . .  you know those types of rain showers where it is raining on one side of the house and sunny on the other.

We have more tulips and daffodils up!  Yay!

I told ya we planted a lot of bulbs!

Brian got his clipper earlier this week.  It is really nice!  We also bought him the shear head and combs and cutters.  The clipper we got him has a shear head attachment so it is basically a clipper and shearer all in one!  I can't wait to see it in action in a couple weeks!

I am slowly progressing with the soap.  Only 108 more bars to go!  I can't wait to start telling y'all about it!