Thursday, March 31, 2011

Even dolls like alpaca . . .

Just in time for Easter . . .

Even dolls (especially American Girl Dolls) love to be fashionable!  What would be better than a cute poncho made out of alpaca?

Listed in our Etsy shop - ready to ship or made to order. 

Even though the sock monkey isn't technically a doll . . . he likes being fashionable too!

Now through Easter on our Etsy site - 10% off your entire order!  Just use coupon code SPRING where it says "shop coupon code" at checkout.  You must use the coupon code to receive the discount.

Happy shopping!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our new drum carder!

It's finally here!

Last week we ordered a drum carder.  It is a Fancy Kitty Kitten drum carder, and it is pretty great!

We haven't done a whole lot with it yet.  Brian will be the main carder, and so far so good.  We both practiced a bit with it, and Brian made a few batts that looked halfway decent. 

We plan on using our newly carded fiber to felt handmade cold-processed soap, which we will be offering in our shop later this spring and summer.  We've ordered some wonderful soap from three fellow Etsians (Etsy sellers):  RockyTopSoapShop, LippincottSoapCo, and prunellasoap.  All three make soap that is natural and/or organic, and they make it the old-fashioned way.  We'll feature each soapmaker and soap as we get it felted.  There will be something for everyone!  Unscented, scented, organic, vegan -- you name it!  If you've never used felted soap before it is definitely something to experience!  Alpaca felted soap is soap and a loofa all in one!

Alpaca fiber

There are many uses for alpaca fiber.

Sleeping in the sun on a warm bag of second cuts is one of them.   Life is so hard . . .

Friday, March 25, 2011


Well so much for spring! We had sleet/hail on Tuesday and a few inches of snow on Wednesday. What's up with that? A good friend of ours said "We already had our spring and summer, now it's time for winter again." Let's hope not. Oh well, it's Minnesota, if you don't like the weather wait ten minutes because it will change.

We ordered a cute little cria coat for Bella's cria. It has a fleece lining with an animal pattern. We weren't expecting that! It's very appropriate. Hopefully we won't need it at all but it's nice to know we have one.

Stay tuned for some fiber demos from Jen in the next couple days, complete with pictures I'm sure. We ordered a drum carder so that should be here soon.

Here is your funny for the day:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Springtime funnies!

Well it sure feels like spring outside. It rained all day yesterday and now 90% of the snow is gone. I'm sure the pacas are having fun playing in the mud, especially the whites. They are never really white!

I think humor is an important part of life, especially in this day and age. You have to laugh and often. Oh, by the way, this is my first blog posting. Jen has done all of the blogging so far. I was laid off a few weeks ago so now I have time to blog. Part of my morning routine is to read through my list of comics. When I find a humorous one I will try and remember to share it with you. Today was a good day for funnies! I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Crias

Our wonderful girl Bella is due in about 2 1/2 weeks!

Brian gets to be on Cria Watch, and hopefully he will be able to witness the birth and take pictures!

Why are we having an early April cria, you ask?  We must be crazy!

Well, we had many roadblocks in getting Bella bred back in 2009, so we missed out on her having a 2010 cria.  We decided last year that we would start breeding her towards the end May and if she didn't take, we'd have ample time to get her bred.  Do to circumstances not under our control, we had to breed her in the very beginning of May.  And much to our joy, she took on the first try!  There you go . . . an April cria!

In 2010 April was a lovely warm month here in Minnesota.  We can only hope for the same weather this year . . . but we are prepared!  We are having a lovely cria coat made from Etsy seller WellCriated.

2011 will be a very fun year for us with our alpacas.  Our other alpaca, Bosox, is due in August, and we are showing our little boy, Lars at the Minnesota Alpaca Expo in about 3 weeks.

We hope your weekend has treated you well!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

First and foremost . . .

Welcome to Jen & Ole's Alpacas & Organics LLC!

We are a small family run alpaca farm in southern Minnesota.  We have a small herd of huacaya alpacas, and we have a shop on Etsy where we sell 100% alpaca handmade items.

Our ultimate goal is to build a sustainable farm using as many organic and natural substances and processes as possible. We have discovered that alpacas are wonderful contribution to this goal.

This blog will mostly be about alpacas, so if you love alpacas you've come to the right place!

We'll keep you updated on happenings on our farm and in our shop, and we'll probably throw in some daily life as well!

Come back and visit us often!