Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Crias

Our wonderful girl Bella is due in about 2 1/2 weeks!

Brian gets to be on Cria Watch, and hopefully he will be able to witness the birth and take pictures!

Why are we having an early April cria, you ask?  We must be crazy!

Well, we had many roadblocks in getting Bella bred back in 2009, so we missed out on her having a 2010 cria.  We decided last year that we would start breeding her towards the end May and if she didn't take, we'd have ample time to get her bred.  Do to circumstances not under our control, we had to breed her in the very beginning of May.  And much to our joy, she took on the first try!  There you go . . . an April cria!

In 2010 April was a lovely warm month here in Minnesota.  We can only hope for the same weather this year . . . but we are prepared!  We are having a lovely cria coat made from Etsy seller WellCriated.

2011 will be a very fun year for us with our alpacas.  Our other alpaca, Bosox, is due in August, and we are showing our little boy, Lars at the Minnesota Alpaca Expo in about 3 weeks.

We hope your weekend has treated you well!

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