Saturday, April 9, 2011

MN Alpaca Expo Day 1 / Cria Watch 2011: Day 6

I thought I'd mix it up with the title today!  Still no cria, but it has been cloudy and rainy, so it is okay if the baby stays inside Bella for a little bit longer.

Today was the first day of the Minnesota Alpaca Expo!


There are over 600 alpacas at the show this year!  It is quite a site to see!

Here is part of one side of the arena . . . this side has the 2 show rings.  (The other half is packed with alpacas!)

Lars was chil-laxing all day.  He is pretty friendly, and he let a lot of people touch him and feel his wonderfully soft fiber.  He is also walking well on his halter and lead.

Tomorrow he will go in the show ring, and hopefully he will be on his best behavior!  There are 7 alpacas in his class, and the top 6 get ribbons.  We hope we don't get the gate!  (Getting the gate means that you don't place/get a ribbon.)

We'll have an update tomorrow on how he does!

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