Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The week is half over . . .

Hi everyone!  The week is half over!

Brian & I have been busy.

Brian has been helping with shearing out in WI.  He is having a good time, sheared a couple alpacas (yesterday they were rained out), and got to chat with Kinney Valley's vet as well.  He has also fallen in love with a clipper.  I hope to purchase it for him when he gets home so he can use it when he shears our alpacas in a few weeks.

I've been felting soap.  I felted 9 bars yesterday, and will have another 4 done tonight.  I've got the process down to about 15-20 min per bar, and they are looking pretty good!  Most of them will be brown or a heathered brown -- that's because our alpacas are brown and rose grey!  (I've also gone to work, and have gone out to the farm and put drops in Lars' eyes.  He had a bout of 'goopy eye', but he has recovered quite nicely!)

Brian comes back tomorrow, which is good because I'll need more fiber carded for the soap!  (Oh, and the cats & I miss him as well).

Until next time!

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