Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally the felted soap is here!


We are finally ready to present our alpaca felted soap to the world!

This wonderful Memorial Day Weekend we are going to feature each handmade soap artisan in our blog.  By the end of the weekend all of our felted soap will be available on Etsy and Artfire.

This post is going to let you know more about felted soap, why we wanted to offer it, and why we picked handmade soap.

Felted soap is a wonderful invention!  It is a washcloth and bar soap all in one!  We use our felted soap in the shower instead of a body wash & shower poof or a washcloth & bar soap.  Why would we do that?  Well, using felted soap . . .  it feels like you are on vacation every day in the shower.  It is that extra special luxury feeling . . . like adding bubbles or bath salts to the bath water.

You could also use felted soap as hand soap, however we find that it is best used in the shower or bath.

When using felted soap, you must make sure the bar gets thoroughly wet, and then lather the bar up.  It is best to let the bar dry completely between uses, and to have it drain on a slotted soap tray (which we will also be offering in our shops).

If the bar is able to dry completely between uses, the alpaca fiber shrinks around the soap as the bar goes down.  This way you are able to use every bit of soap!  If you don't dry the bar completely between uses, the soap eventually gets kind of mushy and deformed, and the fiber doesn't shrink as much.  You can still use the bar this way (we do!), and once you let it dry completely, the fiber shrinks back around whatever soap is left.

Once you are out of soap, you can do a variety of things with your leftover alpaca fiber.  For example,

You can:
  • use it as a scrubby in the shower or for cleaning
  • use it as a small change purse
  • fill it with lavender to make a sachet
  • fill it with catnip to make a cat toy
  • fill it with another sliver of leftover soap

The possibilities are endless!

We wanted to offer 100% alpaca felted soap to our customers as another way to promote alpaca fiber.  Felted soap makes great stocking stuffers, and a great gift all year round!  Pair felted soap with some bubble bath or bath salts in a spa gift basket.  Have a loved one that is hard to buy for?  Get them the gift of bath time luxury . . . alpaca felted handmade natural soap.

There are many people who offer felted soap.  Some offer handmade soap, some offer store bought soap.  We have chosen to offer handmade cold process soap.  Cold process soap is made the old-fashioned way using oils and lye.  We have personally used each soap from the three artisans, and we like them all for different reasons.  The soap artisans we chose use natural, organic, and vegan ingredients in their soap making, and offer a natural, well-crafted, long lasting product.  We believe that offering handmade natural soap lives up to our farm philosophy of sustainability.   Handmade soap is a movement back to nature without all the harsh chemicals that commercially made store bought soap offers.  Offering handmade soap also supports fellow artisans and local businesses.

We are pleased to offer three distinct varieties of cold process handmade soap from fellow Etsy artisans:

Rocky Top Soap Shop

Lippincott Soap Co.

Prunella Soap

Stay tuned this weekend for features on each soap artisan!

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