Sunday, May 15, 2011

Midwest Select Alpaca Auction

Yesterday Brian & I attended the first annual Midwest Select Alpaca Auction.  It took place in Watertown, WI.  We have never been to an alpaca (or livestock) auction before, although we've both been to estate auctions.  We enjoyed ourselves very much!  The auction was hosted by three Wisconsin alpaca farms:  Kinney Valley Alpacas, LondonDairy Alpacas, and LongView Grange Alpacas, with the auction held on the beautiful estate of LongView Grange Alpacas.  There was even an actual auctioneer!  The fellow and his son normally did cattle auctions.

The alpacas offered were some of the top young alpacas in the midwest.  We had the opportunity to look at many of them and they were stunning!

The alpacas that sold, sold for very reasonable prices, definitely less than they are worth.  We weren't looking to buy any, but are somewhat kicking ourselves for the good deals that we passed up.  Next year we plan on going with a plan and a trailer, and maybe we'll bring home a new alpaca or two!

The hosts were very good, providing drinks and food throughout the event.  We had ample opportunity to look at and get our hands on any alpaca that we wanted to see.  They also had a fun spin-to-win drawing where you could win one of various prizes, including free seminars or $250 off an alpaca purchase that you would make at the auction.  The more alpacas you looked at, the more chances you had to win.  At the end of the auction, the person who spend the most money won two tickets to the Packers/Bears football game.  They also drew three more tickets and those people each won one free breeding to any stud owned by the three host farms.

Guess who won a free breeding?   WE DID!!!!!

We are planning on using our free breeding to breed Bella to Kinney Valley's amazingly dense stud, Vincent Suave.

If you have never been to any auction, I'd highly recommend attending one even if you don't plan on purchasing anything.  They are quite fun!

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