Monday, May 30, 2011

Soap Artisan: Prunella Soap

Happy Memorial Day!  Let the summer begin!

Today is the last of our three soap artisan features.  Today we are featuring Janell from Prunella Soap.

Janell lives in Portland, Oregon, and makes wonderful vegan, organic cold process soap that has a natural scent.  I love all of her ingredients and scent combinations.  To me her soap smells exactly like its name.  I love that her soap is organic and vegan.  I love that many of her soaps have bits and pieces of cornmeal, or walnut, or oatmeal, or lavender in them to help exfoliate.  I have tried almost all of the 16 varieties of Prunella soap, and I was not disappointed with any of them.  I definitely have my favorites though!  The scent combinations are very creative, and not at all overwhelming.  The scents also smell very fresh and natural.

On a side note:  Janell also makes these wonderful smaller sticks of soap called Adventure Sticks.  We got a whole bunch of them, and we are taking them with us this summer on our camping trips!  They are just the right size for a shower or handwashing, and they are quite adorable in their packaging.  I would definitely recommend them for use in the great outdoors!

pink grapefruit & oatmeal, spearmint & tea tree, sweet orange & cornmeal, cinnamon & walnut, tea tree & lime

We are currently offering these five varieties of Prunella Soap:  pink grapefruit & oatmeal, spearmint & tea tree, sweet orange & cornmeal, cinnamon & walnut, and tea tree & lime.

Pink Grapefruit & Oatmeal:  This soap has a very nice light grapefruit scent that won't overwhelm you.  It leaves my skin nice and refreshed!

Spearmint & Tea Tree:  This soap has a wonderful minty scent, and it is a great soap to wake up and start your day with.

Sweet Orange & Cornmeal:  This soap contains coarsely ground cornmeal and has a great fresh citrus scent.

Cinnamon & Walnut:  The cinnamon & walnut soap reminds me of baking!  It must be the cinnamon!  This soap contains cinnamon and walnut shell powder.
Brown soap never looked so good!

Tea Tree & Lime:  This is probably my favorite scent of soap that Janell makes.  I can't exactly explain why, but I love the fresh tart lime scent.  It really invigorates me!

We may offer other varieties of Prunella Soap soap as the year goes on, but we love that we are starting out with our absoulte favorites! 

100% alpaca felted soap

The soap from Prunella Soap will be hand felted by Jen & Ole's from fiber from our own alpaca herd.  The color of the fiber is all natural undyed 100% alpaca fiber.  The felted soap is very easy to use in the shower or bath, and adds an added bit of luxury to the bath time experience. 

If you want to know more about about Janell and Prunella soap, please visit her website.

100% alpaca felted soap from Prunella Soap will be available starting this weekend on both Etsy and Artfire.

So there you go!  Three wonderful soap artisans and fifteen great soaps for you to try!  Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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