Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soap Artisan: Rocky Top Soap Shop

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today we are going to be featuring one of our handmade soap artisans:  Tony from Rocky Top Soap Shop.

Tony lives in Maine, and makes wonderful, all natural, unscented, cold process soap.  There are many different varieties, even shampoo bars and a shaving bar.  I have tried almost all of the different soaps that Tony makes (including the shampoo and shaving bars), and they are all quite wonderful.  They leave your skin squeeky clean, and they don't dry your skin out either.  What I like best about Tony's soap is that they are unscented.  I can be sensitive to fragrance at times, and I love that there is a soap that I can use everyday on my face and body that isn't harsh in either its ingredients or smell.  I love that the soap is all natural, and I can actually read and pronounce all of the ingredients on the wrapper!
Hemp, Carrot, French Red, Green Tea, Chamomile Oat Straw

We are currently featuring five varieties of soap from Rocky Top Soap Shop:  Hemp, Carrot, French Red, Green Tea, and Chamomile Oat Straw.

Here is a tidbit about each soap.

Hemp:  The Hemp bar has, what else . . . hemp oil in it!  How much fun is it to say that you have a bar of Hemp soap wrapped in alpaca fiber!

Carrot:  Tony adds real organic carrots to his Carrot soap bar.  The Carrot soap bar is part of his mature skin collection.  As someone who's skin is not considered mature yet, I love using this bar on my face.
See you can see the bits of carrot!

French Red:  The French Red bar is made with french red clay.  It is a great soap for normal to oily skin, and I love the terra cotta like color! 
Of course your bar will probably be brown like the top one!

Green Tea:  This bar is made with organic green tea, and contains tons of antioxidants to make your skin feel fresh and new!

Chamomile Oat Straw:  This is one of Tony's most recent offerings.  It contains chamomile infused olive oil and oat straw tea.  This soap makes my skin feel super soft!

We plan on offering other varieties of Rocky Top Soap Shop soap as the year goes on, but we really enjoy the well rounded selection that we are currently offering.

The soap from Rocky Top Soap Shop will be hand felted by Jen & Ole's from fiber from our own alpaca herd.  The color of the fiber is all natural undyed 100% alpaca fiber.  The felted soap is very easy to use in the shower or bath, and adds an added bit of luxury to the bath time experience. 
100% Alpaca Felted Soap

If you want to know more about about Tony and Rocky Top Soap Shop, please read his featured seller article on Etsy.

100% alpaca felted soap from Rocky Top Soap Shop will be available starting this weekend on both Etsy and Artfire.

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