Sunday, June 12, 2011

Genetics and Cost Reduction

Hi all!

We hope your summer has started out grand!  We've had rain, then scorching 100 degree days, then cold (60s) and more rain.  I mean, we are in Minnesota, but this is still pretty crazy weather even for us!

This weekend we had the opportunity to attend an alpaca breeder's seminar in Tomah, WI hosted by Kinney Valley Alpacas, Bluff Breeze Farm Alpacas Inc, and Breakstone Ridge Alpacas.

It was a very interesting seminar, and it was fun to visit and socialize with the other farms that attended. 

Dr. Wayne Jarvis of Sixth Day Farm presented an interesting talk on alpaca genetics, and how we can use our knowledge in alpaca genetics to select for various traits in our herds.

Justin Radloff of Kinney Valley Alpacas spoke about how to increase our farm profits by lowering our costs and making our farms run more efficiently.

Overall it was a very well put together seminar, and well worth the seminar fee.  Plus, we got to visit Kinney Valley Alpacas in June (it is usually early November before we have a chance to get out there), stayed in a hotel, and had a mini weekend get away.

Hopefully if the weather isn't too rainy this week, I'll get to skirt some fleeces!

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