Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sneak peak for fall . . .

So I thought I'd offer our readers a sneak peak at an item that will be in our Etsy shop later this fall.

We are going to be offering a unique set of items that will be knitted by my mom, Robin.

It is a baby cable hooded hat and a matching set of baby cable mittens.  They are knitted by hand out of 100% alpaca yarn.  These will be a limited run (if popular enough, more will be stocked for early in 2012 and late 2012 as well) of around a dozen of them.  The hats will fit most babies from 3-12 months, with a few fitting newborns to 3 months or so (depending on how big baby's head is).  There will be some gender neutral color offerings, as well as more girlish or boyish color combinations.

The cable hooded hat is a unique design.  It is both a hat and a scarf, and it doesn't need to be tied on in order for it to stay on!  Since the hooded hat is made out of alpaca, it will be super warm and cozy!

They will make their appearance in our Etsy shop hopefully in September, and they will retail for $50 for the set.

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