Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013

What, I suppose you are asking, is the Tour de Fleece?

The Tour de Fleece (TdF) is an event on Ravelry where you spin fiber into yarn during the Tour de France.

I participated last year, but only spun two skeins of yarn.  Last year I was spinning on a Little Meggie kick spindle which, although enjoyable, is on the slow side.

This spring I was able to purchase an e-spinner (electric spinning wheel) from Heavenly Handspinning.  I purchased the Vespera, and I am loving spinning on it.

Here is my Vespera.  I stained her purple, and her name is Veronica.

This year for TdF I spun 13 skeins of yarn!

Here is a collage of all the yarn I spun this year for TdF!

I am still a heavy worsted to bulky weight spinner, but that is okay.  I like crocheting and weaving with that weight of yarn.  I don't really like crocheting with lace weight yarn, so I probably won't ever spin much lace weight yarn (but never say never because things might change!)  With practice, I would like to eventually be able to consistently spin sport/DK weight yarn since that is what I seem to use the most when I craft.

I didn't spin any alpaca during the tour.  I decided to spin a bunch of sheep wools that are gathering like a huge outrageous herd in my stash.  So I spun some BFL (Blue Faced Leicester), superwash BFL, merino, superwash merino, 80/20 merino/silk, falkland, polwarth, and targhee.  So far my favorite sheep breed to spin is BFL, whether it be BFL, superwash, variegated, or mixed with silk.  I also really enjoyed spinning the targhee.  The targhee was not as soft as some of the others, but it poofed up nice and fluffy after it was given a bath to set the twist.

I hope to get some more spinning time in before the end of the year.  I need to in order to meet my 13 in 2013 goals! (That is a post for another day!)

P.S.  If you want to check me out on Ravelry, my Rav name is jenandoles.

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